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VERISIMILITUDE [ver-uh-si-mil-i-tood] -noun : the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability: The play lacked verisimilitude.

There, you learned a new SAT word.

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It’s really bad how I think everyone is stupid and I can’t stand them, especially when it comes to boys

Or maybe it’s not really bad and I’m surrounded by idiots


i’m not even Brazilian and i felt every hit from the germans in this match, they knew that Neymar and Thiago’s absence would make the team even more vulnerable and they took advantage of that..such a terrible luck to have two of the strongest players in the team absent in such a decisive match..

i’ve never been this sad even for my own country’s team. i can feel the pain they felt and it’s really bad. they really wanted to give this world cup to the people, their people..they tried hard and David Luiz’s tears in the end prove it. it hurts so bad but I’ll always be cheering for Brazil. I have the utmost repsect for this team and i don’t regret this at all. thank you David, Julio, Marcelo, Oscar (even Fred, don’t hate on him please) and all the guys, thank you so much. most of all, Mr. SCOLARI, thank you, Sir. It’s sad but you’ll always be the champions in your country and the world and i’ll always be proud of you just like i have been this entire world cup. THANK YOU GUYS.


Kid runs into the field and Neymar stops security from taking it away. 


Neymar after the hospital yesterday

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"Ninguém vai poder atrasar quem nasceu pra vencer." E nem essa lesão vai te atrasar, menino da Vila. O Brasil está contigo, garoto. "Ergue essa cabeça, mete o pé e vai na fé, manda essa tristeza embora. Pode acreditar, um novo dia vai raiar, sua hora vai chegar!" #ForçaNeymar

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In 2010, there were 8 school shootings in the US.

In 2011, there were 10.

In 2012, there were 14.

In 2013? 28.

In the first half of 2014 alone, we have already suffered 38 school shootings. 

If that doesn’t horrify you, then I don’t know what would.

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celebs,fashion & streetstyle.

"Religions exist because people would rather have a wrong answer than no answer at all." by Chuck Palahniuk (via murmurrs)

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"To my daughter I will say,
‘See your beauty without a compliment or a mirror.’"
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